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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I feel so loved!

There is only a couple weeks left until the san-nensei (grade 9 kids) graduate and go off to high school. We have five grade 9 classes at this school and they will all attend various high schools around Okinawa. Students took entrance exams last month and with these results, they will be placed in high schools according to their results. On the last day of classes I gave each student a piece of candy and wished them well. One of the classes presented me with this mini plaque of appreciation.

It reads,

We have your English class just once a week,
but I really enjoy your class.
The classroom had become very clean and we could study hard than before.
We think you are so cute and the greatest ALT (assistant language teacher).
We, 3-2 love you so much.
I hope your success and good luck!
Finally, I hope you'll never forget us please.
Thank you
                I LOVE YOU

This was such a lovely surprise! I wrote my email address on the board but also said all emails will have to be in English. They all just looked at me sideways. Thinking back, I should have known they were planning something. One day, two students, a boy and a girl ran up to the teachers office yelling my name. I went out into the hall and they had a permeant marker. The boy asked me to spell my name, first and last on his arm. At first I thought this was a crazy idea but no other teachers thought it was strange and told me to go ahead (Dozo). So against what I thought was professional, I wrote my first and last name in permanent marker across the boys arm. Now I know why!

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