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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ozato turtle

At my Junior High School we have a turtle that lives in a fish tank and sits right outside the teachers office and across from Chika’s room. Chika is one of my closest friends here in Okinawa and is the school nurse at my school. I asked her why they had a turtle living in the school and she told me that it just walked in one day so they made it a home. She has become the mother to the turtle taking amazing care of this little guy. She cleans out the tank twice a week, feeds it and takes it on walks around the school. I think she even requested that the school buy it a bigger tank with more interesting things inside to play with. As of now the tank has some rocks and a brick in it (how boring). She was mentioning something about asking Kocho Sensei about getting a new turtle tank at the takoyaki party. I wasn't exactly sure what she was saying though because I can’t really understand Japanese. But I guess we will just wait and see what April brings us. 

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